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Our Mission

Alternative to Venture Capital.

IP Capital provides investors and entrepreneurs with a new way of investing in emerging companies that is more secure for investors and less dilutive of the equity ownership of companies, bringing the power of choice to venture capital

IP Capital represents true change to address the lack of fundingsources for long-term growth available to companies building real products  

Our mission is to accelerate innovation and laythe foundation for a new IP economy that drives long-term growth for countries,companies, and people

IP Capital

More secure for investors.
Lower cost for companies.

IP collateral

By leveraging IP value.

The technologies and know-how underlying a company's products and services that are the basis for customer demand, and the related IP rights, such as patents, trade secrets, and copyrights, that protect the IP in global markets

Investment returns

Revenue royalties.

Global Reach

esse qui culpa est

We recognize the impact a long-term capital commitment has on the emotional state – the vibe – of employees, partners, and customers, who are the key drivers of business success.

esse qui culpa est

Long-term growth capital inspires confidence and drives higher performance. When the vibe is positive, a business grows. IP Capital drives these positive vibes.

esse qui culpa est

We also recognize the impact dilution has on existing business owners. Because of its structure IP Capital is up to 50% less dilutive than other equity solutions

Our Team

IP Capitalist.
Experienced investors. Skilled operators.
Trusted advisors.

Robert Cote

CEO Cote Capital

Scott Karro

Managing Director

Aaron Slan

Managing Director

Sankar Uppuluri


Rakesh Kumar


Our Advisors

Our advisory panel of operating partners brings together IP thought leadership and networks from wide ranging industries and backgrounds

Ralph Faison


Greg Lavender


Tom Cook

Advanced Materials

Brian Hinman

IP Investments

Mickey Miller

IoT Networking

Ed Horowitz

Satellite, Media

Robert Shapiro

Economic Impact