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Long-term growth.

We invest IP Capital in emerging and established companies in new products and services that drive long-term growth based on highly-differentiated intellectual property

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Our Mission

Solving short-termism.
Inspiring change.

Short-termism is pervasive in the world with many companies focused on investments in new products and services that drive short-term returns at the expense of long-term growth

Long-term growth investments are essential to future economic prosperity and sustainable jobs to countries, communities, and people around the world

IP Capital represents true change to address the lack of fundingsources for long-term growth available to companies building real products  

Our mission is to accelerate innovation and laythe foundation for a new IP economy that drives long-term growth for countries,companies, and people

IP Capital

Patient and flexible capital.

IP Capital is an alternative to equity and debt in the capital structure designed to fund the long-term growth needs of emerging and established companies

We designed IP Capital to promote investments in and accelerate the market launch and/or expansion of new products and services based on highly-dfifferentiated IP, at a cost of capital that is up to 50% less expensive than equity and without the fixed repayment schedules and maturity dates of debt

We fund captial expenditures for production plants, property, and equipment, working capital, and operating expenses for new products and services

We inspire confidence in employees, partners, and customers with long-term commitments

We provide freedom to grow with customer demand. Our IP Capital programs typically range between $25-$100 million, with capital deployed over a 2-3 year period

IP Meaning

Intellectual Property Focus.

We believe investments in highly-differentiated IP are essential to economic growth and sustainability for countries, communities, and people. Therefore, we focus on a company's IP and its value in making investment decisions

IP is the developed technology underlying a company's new products and services – the hardware designs, software, and know-how – that provide a substantial performance or cost advantage over existing market solutions

IP also includes the intellectual property rights – the patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks – that serve to protect a developed technology from unauthorized use or copying by competitors

Global Reach

Tailored Investments

Creative Structures.

We operate from a philosophy of partnership and trust in structuring investments. This includes being thoughtful in our approach through deep business diligence and a comprehensive assessment of a company's intellectual property

IP Capital is typically structured with a combination of staged-in capital for long-term growth, royalties on revenue for IP use in new products and services, exit participation, and IP collateral to the extent capital is not fully recovered

esse qui culpa est

We recognize the impact a long-term capital commitment has on the emotional state – the vibe – of employees, partners, and customers, who are the key drivers of business success.

esse qui culpa est

Long-term growth capital inspires confidence and drives higher performance. When the vibe is positive, a business grows. IP Capital drives these positive vibes.

esse qui culpa est

We also recognize the impact dilution has on existing business owners. Because of its structure IP Capital is up to 50% less dilutive than other equity solutions

Our Team

IP Capitalists
Experienced investors. Skilled operators.
Trusted advisors.

Cote Capital brings together experienced leaders in IP, finance and business focused on solving the problem of short-termism and investing in long-term growth of companies

Robert Cote

CEO Cote Capital

Scott Karro

Managing Director

Aaron Slan

Managing Director

Sankar Uppuluri


Rakesh Kumar


Our Advisors

The advisory panel brings together IP thought leadership, operating partners, and networks from wide ranging industries and backgrounds

Ralph Faison


Greg Lavender


Tom Cook

Advanced Materials

Brian Hinman

IP Investments

Mickey Miller

IoT Networking

Ed Horowitz

Satellite, Media

Robert Shapiro

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