Investing In Innovation

Transforming Semiconductors & Solar

This company is the world’s leader in nanocarbon, an advanced material replacing silicon materials in groundbreaking new products in renewable energy, displays, and semiconductor "chip" manufacturing. As one example of the vast potential for nanocarbon materials to benefit humanity, they have been used in a revolutionary new class of solar cells that can be applied in thin films and coatings (vs. solar panels) to virtually any surface, including to the windows, walls and rooftops of homes, buildings and vehicles, allowing the world for the first time to image a future where solar energy is available everywhere. Nanocarbon materials have also been added as layers in a new generation of solar cells for use in solar panels, called tandem solar cells, that can increase the power output of these panels by up to 50%, further enabling the widespread use in the world of solar energy.

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Transforming Textiles

This company is led by a woman who has developed and built with her team a production line of proprietary manufacturing equipment and process recipes that can "rejuvenate" post-industrial and post-consumer clothing waste, including natural, synthetic, and technical fabrics and fabric blends, back into virgin quality fibers. Rejuvenated fibers are made with up to 95% lower carbon emissions, low energy use, and negligible water use, and provide retailers and textile manufacturers with the flexibility to replace virgin fibers up to 100% in making their clothing products. Rejuvenated fibers enable a transition to sustainable and circular textile manufacturing in response to government legislative actions and public pressure for change.

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This company has developed the world's first mobile factory for  manufacturing modular homes and buildings "on site" that can cut the cost and time of traditional building construction in half and play an important role in solving the world's housing crisis. The company's modular factory uses proprietary equipment and assembly line processes that build standardized building block assemblies that can be assembled in modern architectural designs to match the design aesthetics of buyers. Each "lego like" building block is integrated with the necessary plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components for ease in assembling the blocks and a smart living system for sustainable energy use.


This company has developed proprietary equipment and process recipes for the direct air capture of CO2 from the atmosphere. This equipment is comprised of panels of highly porous cubes that are chemically coated with trade secret amines that bind to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the air is directed through the cubes using an air handling system. Low-cost, low-temperature steam widely available is used to separate out the CO2 for commercial use at a lower cost than traditional production, including use in making carbonated beverages and synthetic gasoline to replace petroleum.


This company has developed a proprietary fermentation system that produces natural, microbial-based probiotics that replace chemical fertilizers and deliver over a 40% increase in yields in over two dozen row crops, fruits, and vegetables. The probiotics improve soil health and increase the mass of a plant’s root system to deliver the yield improvements, increase CO2 capture and sequestration, and reduce nitrous oxide emissions from the soil, which are 300 times more impactful to the environment than CO2. The fermentation system has also been used to develop biosurfactants to replace chemical surfactants in a wide range of consumer products, including paints and cleaners that are much more effective than their toxic chemical counterparts.

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