It is our mission to find, fund, and scale a new generation of technology companies that are bringing greener, more sustainable, more efficient manufacturing in virtually every industry. They have developed breakthrough innovations transforming manufacturing into a high growth, highly profitable business and laying the foundation for a revival of manufacturing in America.

Over the next 10 years, COTE will invest billions of dollars in this new generation of technology companies in a better way — a new paradigm — to inspire the entrepreneurs and the innovations that can rebuild industries and ensure that our nation is not left behind.


Breakthrough IP
That Is Green


Transforms manufacturing into a high growth, highly profitable business through greater efficiency


Lowers carbon emissions, use of natural resources, and reduces / eliminates toxic chemicals


Reuses waste in making the same products with end-to-end traceability to prove it

Makes Economic Sense

Why Green?

The opportunity of a lifetime

New Gold

Green is no longer a nice to have, its a must have, that transforms manufacturing into a high growth, highly profitable business through greater efficiency in resource use.

In Every Industry

This transformation is happening in virtually every industry driven by fast growing demand for green manufacturing and products, under pressure from governments and the public.


The next generation of unicorns — companies valued at a billion dollars or more — will be led by technology companies transforming how products are made and used in an industry.


Finding, Funding, and Scaling
Breakthrough Innovations

IP capital

We provide capital for scaling the manufacturing capacity and operations of companies with breakthrough IP assets, including new product designs, know-how, and manufacturing equipment, as they enter commercial markets and beyond to meet fast growing customer demand.

Asset Backed.

IP Royalty

We receive a percentage of a company's revenues to provide our investors with a annual cash yield, paid quarterly, plus a percentage of a future company exit (IPO, sale) to buyout our revenue share, leaving equity ownership and control  in the hands of the entrepreneurs building a business.



We provide IP management, technology, and operations support to protect, optimize, and scale the use of a company's IP assets to support broader adoption, and we bring a shared technology platform for integrating smart manufacturing into the company's operations to optimize performance, efficiency, and profitability.

Scaling Services.


IP management. Our team includes experts in IP protection, licensing, and branding that design, develop, and manage strategies to protect and build brand awareness for a company’s IP and scale the use of its IP assets through joint ventures, franchising, and licensing of existing manufacturers and suppliers.


Technology. Our team includes experts in digital technologies with a shared technology platform that enables our portfolio companies to integrate smart manufacturing, including advanced industrial automation leveraging AI, IoT, and machine data to optimize  performance, efficiency, and profitability.


Operations. Our team includes experts in the industry to help build out the manufacturing capacity and operations of our companies, including in partnerships with existing manufacturers and suppliers, by addressing strategic challenges in scaling their equipment, processes, and people and supply chains.